Sunday, January 25, 2009

Favorite Things

Because I like to believe in my little world that I'm the next big thing that will happen to Food TV (Just Kidding!).. I present my "Favorite Things". Unfortunately I cannot be like Oprah or Ellen and give away each of these to everyone who visits this page.. sorry. Just thought I'd share.. I believe every 'wanna be chef' and kitchen needs at least one of these:

Kitchen Aid Mixer - This one item has changed my life for the better. When we built our home, this was one of the first gifts that my hubby Chris gave to me. I love it, love it. I basically use it each and every day. Great for batters, mashed potatoes, making pasta (yes, I make my own pasta - my girls are spoiled rotten.), whipping cream.. all sorts of versatile. It's my savior for my cookie business too! They come in all sorts of fun colors...

Keurig Coffee Machine - His coffee needs to be ready for him for work at 5:30 AM, I dont need a cup until 7:15. He wants hazelnut coffee, I want regular, He needs full caffeine, maybe I'll have a cup of decaf, my daughters want hot cocoa, I want a tea. This is THE best coffee machine - dare I say - Ever? You choose what flavor coffee (tea, cocoa) YOU want (just buy the pods you want), what size cup and brew it within 30 seconds! No waiting for a full pot to brew just for a single cup. I bought this for hubby for his birthday one year.. turns was a gift for the entire family. Yes, you need one of these. Oh! You can also go to and sign up for automatic delivery (or simply place single orders) for your favorite Green Mountain coffee pods - they have So many flavors! Best of all - you get discounts on each box you order... and... if you sign up for their home delivery and give them my name, you get a free box of coffee (as do I for referring you!).

Silicone Spatulas - You cannot have enough of these! I have got probably 4 or 5 of these in my kitchen tools drawer. I have thrown out the ones with old style wooden handles, metal handles.. I have had my fair share of melting plastic handles/heads on a hot skillet, heads of spatulas coming unglued from a wooden handle.. the silicone spatula is what it's all about! A silicone spatula costs a little more, but it will last a long time. Most you find can withstand heat up to 500 degrees and won't crack, lose its shape, or chip.You can buy a bunch of these really, really inexpensively at a Homegoods, TJ Maxx... I have to say though that i do love and favor those from Williams Sonoma!

A Good Set of Knives! - You do NOT need to spend $1,000 on a set of knives for them to slice, dice, chop, beautifully! Hubby got me a beautiful, large cutlery set for Christmas - they are Kitchen Aid brand - they are beautiful and SHARP! ( i did have a Chicago Cutlery set and i love the ones i have now even more). Everything cuts like butter.. Kitchen Aid (although i'm a true fan) has impressed me again. I've sliced myself a few times already - most recently I needed stitches/glue but decided not to take that trip to the ER and instead finish making my Pork Tenderloin dinner.. (priorities, priorities)..

Two Types of Cutting Boards! - I have 2 types of boards that I use. A regular thick plastic board for meats and chicken and a Wooden or (my favorite) Bamboo board for veggies and fruits! You don't want to cut meats on any kind of wooden board! I have small boards for quick chops, large boards for slicing a recipe full of ingredients - I use them all!

I could get used to this "favorite things" list... maybe sometime soon i'll put together my "favorite Pantry items"!

Speaking of Favorites - - my FAVORITE place to order cookies/baked goods from to send as gifts for friends/family, business promotion gifts .... The Goodie Box! Email me for info! is under construction!

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  1. I totally agree about the Kitchen Aid mixer!! I love mine! I really would love to get the Kuerig. I bought one for my niece and she loves it.